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Range Extension To PAPE + ROHDE – New Series Loffler Med

Orthopedic Office chairs and health the Dusseldorf company PAPE + ROHDE is expanding its range and offers orthopedic Office Chair and health chairs Loeffler since December 2013. The occupational safety and health exhibition A + A in Dusseldorf Loffler Med series new products were presented for the first time. To occupational physicians, the contact with requests for a tailor-made solution in the area of moving sitting often reach us”after an accident, Herniated or scoliosis. Our team developed in close consultation with those affected and doctors custom-made and individual cushions of the backrest or adjustments of the seat or headrest. “, as company founder Werner Loffler. The term LoFFLER Med LoFFLER will offer in the future a standardized selection medically relevant features for Office seating. As an authorized lane retailer is the company PAPE + ROHDE in Dusseldorf the first company the Market, that spoonbill Med in the online Configurator offers all products in the series ( Office chairs belong to the range to relieve coccyx with recess in the pad or with visco-elastic seat Office chairs with Pocket sprung comfort seat and chairs with Anti decubitus seat.

An Arthrodesenstuhl designed specifically for problems in the knees and hips, with the angles on the leg by an enlargement of the seat angle to up to 30 can be avoided almost entirely. To assist in disease and pain in the spine, special backs complete the range. So all chairs of the Loffler Med series can be combined with a visco-elastic backrest or a kyphosis backrest (split backrest). All products can be configured quickly and easily on the Internet page of Depending on the disease, it is advisable to consult the doctor, to clarify, what requirements must meet the ideal Office Chair. Who the Configurator would not use may be different from the PAPE + ROHDE team seek advice by phone or at the exhibition in Dusseldorf.