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Creation of an electronic online store carries a number of superiority over the opening of an ordinary shop: – Rent building for the offline-store – it is always expensive, to open as usual storefront is fairly inexpensive Hosting cost 5-10 dollars per month. – In stores need to put supports for goods to make room very real trade in goods, which of course also will result in you not a too small amount. “Bernard Golden gathered all the information. However, to sell goods online store enough to get a stable php-script online store and order a design, or to book an Internet store under the key, fill it in different descriptions of goods, agree, for example, with a warehouse on commodity shipments by request – and that’s it, you can sell. – Just a great savings for a fee to employees. Not required to pay the salaries of cashiers, shop floor workers, cleaners. For a normal existence is not very large online store is enough to 1 person. – Versatility. You can sell all kinds of products to any buyer from any region of our country, and if necessary, and then our world. Check out Oracle for additional information.

E-online shop is working for you 24 hours a day. Normal store only 8-10 hours. – Convenience to increase sales and attract visitors. The main methods of advertising on the Internet cost a lot cheaper Traditional methods of advertising offline stores. – An extensive range of products.

The electronic online store quickly possible to sell thousands, and in special cases, even tens of thousands of products without any additional investment. In the standard the same store to augment the number of marketed products in a large number of times, it is necessary to replace a much larger trading floor, which would entail imposing costs. – Development Personal e-shop turnkey zanimaetnamnogo shorter period in comparison with the erection of new buildings normal offline store. Here are the reasons why internet users increasingly prefer to buy through Internet-shops: 1. Prices of goods are lower than in conventional offline shops. 2. Save time buyer. After all, according to statistics, the buyer, before making any important or expensive purchase goes through three or four retail stores in search of the terms of delivery, price, warranty conditions, etc. To this we can lose a whole day. On the Internet, as price comparison and product search may run for an hour or two. 3. Convenience of payment – electronic shops are taking no small variety of methods to prepay. 4. purchases. On your purchase of no one will know if you do not want. However, the Internet-shop is hard work: to develop an electronic online shop, you is an urgent need to consider carefully all – whether you are prepared to a fairly hard work? Well, if you do decide to, and you have no doubt, then begin the process of setting up shop!