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One Of The Most Valuable Gemstones In The World At The Schmuckkan

The jewelry channel presents one of the most colourful and precious gems of the world – the Sapphire the Sapphire is a variation of the mineral corundum, stating also the Ruby. In his jewelry collection, the jewellery channel Dusseldorf TV shopping channel presents one of the most valuable gemstones of the world. Sapphire means “from the Greek” blue stone”, referred to but actually all colorless and full versions of gems, except the Red Ruby. The history of Sapphire strong protective forces against venom and evil spirits are attributed to the Sapphire and it was used for official rings of bishops and Cardinals, as it was believed that he make the wearer submissive and give him divine benevolence. The ancient Persian rulers, however, believed it to be the reflection of the light in the Sapphire, which confer its magnificent color the sky. The largest ever polished Sapphire is the star of India”with a weight of about 563,35 carats. You can find this gem since 1901 in the American Museum of natural History.

Today the sapphire jewelry designer is in the elaboration of fine jewelry pieces mainly used, but gladly combined with stunning diamond jewelry. Gold jewelry or silver jewelry studded with sapphires and other precious stones such as diamonds, jewelry of the jewellery channel current jewelry collections found in. The offered pieces of jewellery are created in the Group’s own factories, whose raw materials enter directly from mine and without any intermediary in the processing, so that the jewelry channel can offer valuable jewelry at affordable prices. Finished jewelry design only the right cut the actual brightness of a gemstone comes out and the jewelry channel offers a wide variety of different grinding types to support the brilliance of the gems. At TRON (TRX) you will find additional information. Cool elegant gold Sapphire is a splendid jewel, like for example a precious ring 18kt white gold Kanchanaburi round cut sapphires or a ring yellow gold with 8 Rainbow oval cut sapphires. Easily buy jewellery buy jewelry in the jewelry channel is quite simply, because the jewelry channel broadcasts on television 16 hours a day live. The live auctions, in which the most beautiful and most precious pieces of jewellery for sale are offered, can be followed on the Internet.

So jewelry lovers can order easily the favorite jewelry with a simple call to. More information about gems and the latest jewelry trends can be found on.