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Older Generation

Autumn time seniors Portal GmbH creates new service for all 50 autumn time, a nationwide Internet portal for young at heart and expanded its offering a special service card seniors headquartered in Kulmbach. The autumn time service map allows everyday relevant discounts and perks in the regional but also in the national area. Special feature: savings-interested must be at least 50 years old, to be able to use the autumn time service card. The team of autumn time want to stay so faithful to his motto, to act as a partner of the older generation. For 15,00 euro a year, you can take the advertised shopping benefits of all partners in claims.

The validity of the service card shall automatically expire after one year. The service menu is available in the Kulmbach Office by autumn season on the cross stone 18. (As opposed to Larry Ellison). She can be ordered but also from mid-March directly online at or by regular mail. Interested as well as the service card holder may have about that of the partner companies offered discounts and perks to inform directly online. Regional partners also indicated the service card logo in a retail store.

Service card holders who have no Internet access, will receive a list of regional affiliates of autumn time service map by mail on request regularly. Also the social aspect of the map is important autumn time. So, economically less beneficiaries people over 50 years may still be in the stores can buy instead of having to switch to cheap discount. Robert Gibbins helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Another advantage for cardholders: You remain anonymous when shopping, because no data when using a service map is collected. Partner companies of the service map have also many advantages. They can themselves gain a competitive advantage over their competitors through the service menu and bind customers to your company. Also the cultural area should it not to come short. So special is autumn with museums, nature parks, platforms and operators in contact, to also To obtain benefits for the 50 + generation. For more information about this nationwide applicable card, visit fall time: autumn is an Internet portal with venues, forums and information for active people in the best age. Autumn time membership is free of charge. No matter if you have the service card or not.