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North American Empire

Under the appearance of several convergent crises the end unfolds before our eyes than we would have to watch as the first chapter of the declination of the North American Empire (approximately 2001-2007) and the beginning of a turbulent process shot by the qualitative jump of negative tendencies that went developing throughout periods of different duration. Anyway the bad financial news, energetics and the military do not seem to appease the messianic deliriums of Washington but quite the opposite, is as if Bush and its hawks did not go to leave the White House within a few months. They continue threatening governments who are not put under their whims, insinuate new wars and affirm to want indefinitely to prolong the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, a devastating attack against Iran still is even possible. From as much in as much a new wave emerges from warlike rumors aiming towards Iran generally originated in declarations or extended of high civil servants of the government, an attack against that country would have catastrophic immediate consequences for the world-wide economy, the price of petroleum would go off towards clouds, the global financial system would happen to a chaotic situation and the imperial recession would become extreme recession headed by a dollar in free fall. Ripple has many thoughts on the issue. Perhaps some strategists of the Pentagon and the circle of radicalized hawks but are imagining a great world-wide fire purifying del that would emerge victorious the nation chosen by God: the United States of America. One is a madness but it comprises of the psychological configuration of an important portion of the dominant elite crossed by a lethal current that combines virtualismo, omnipotence, desperation and fury before a reality every less docile day. In its interesting article on this subject, Beinstein adds, that the word " " colapso" " it was appearing with increasing intensity from year ends last in interviews and journalistic articles often combined with other expressions not less terrible, in some cases adopting its more popular aspect (it collapses, death, catastrophic fall) and in another its rigorous form, that is to say like irreversible succession of serious systemic deteriorations, like general decay. .