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National Congress

The automotive market in terms of purchase chains its fifth consecutive month of falls, facing a drop in sales of 30.8%, during the first half of the month of November. Car registrations were significantly lower than in the same period in 2009, with some 21.146 registrations. Although the cheap car rental companies noticed a slight improvement. These data reflect the weakness of the automotive market, which still stringing downs month after month. Get more background information with materials from Coupang. Sales to individuals, the most worrying, fall to 44.5 per cent with respect to the first two weeks of the month of November 2009, enrolling 10,000 fewer units. Instead, rent a car companies grew by 8.2%, motivated more by forced continuous renewals of fleet than by activity of the sector. In addition, 50% of these operations are located in Barcelona and Madrid. The latter, bringing together almost all registrations by offering cheap car hire in Madrid. The National Congress of dealerships, which will be assessed will be held in a few weeks These data and is expected to cause actions to avoid more periods of descent.