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Mounting Banners

Due to the low cost price banner ads – the most common form of outdoor advertising. When installing the banner can be draw on a metal frame, the frame of dyupel-rings stapled to any wooden base. Fine fabric banner (vinyl) is also used as the front part of advertising light boxes. For large scale light boxes (from 3m2) plastic front panel is easily blown by the wind and can cause damage to others, and banner has little weight and is not afraid to wind loads, as bends inward light box. Large banners, better surface to print on the grid to reduce weight and wind loads. At the moment Moscow city government has banned outdoor advertising without internal or external lighting. If necessary, we professionally produce and assemble the backlight of your banner. We make wiring and connections to all building regulations and standards.

Highlighting the banner is of great importance to attract customers. Banner must be illuminated brightly and evenly, without shadows. The length of the bracket, which is fixed projector and the distance between the brackets is calculated depending on the size of the banner and power lights. When installing the lights banner should be performed some of the conditions. For example projectors do not have to close information on the banner and posting the most hidden.

To learn more about the principles of illumination can be found in Section architectural lighting. On the banner fabric, you can print any image. Print Resolution Banner may be 360 dpi – used for outdoor advertising.