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MFA Power

Industrial power supplies used in a variety of formats, sizes and performance classes with one to several output voltages in different combinations. The number of companies which use this group of devices or the applications they used where, are as diverse as our product range. Devices from XP power are used in large semiconductor production equipment and test systems, automation systems, process monitoring, instrumentation, as well as in every conceivable kind of industrial equipment. Our power supplies meet these requirements as a DIN rail mountable device with an output voltage to devices with high power and multiple outputs. Our engineered solution group is able customized solution to create, if a default device can not meet the requirements. Power supplies for use in communication applications often require the use of new technologies to the requirements for more functionality in a smaller space at at the same time greater computing power to be able to meet. Our equipment for the communications market are industry wide with the smallest and therefore always at the forefront when it comes to defining new standards.

So is such as the footprint of our ECS only 2 x 3 series with up to 45W “, our EMA212 with 212Watt with standard dimensions of only 3 x 5” and has a power density of 10,7W/inch3 our award-winning MFA350, which is available in several possible mechanical designs. Our knowledge about the requirements of each industry sector, as well as on the inserted power supplies have contributed to the power supplies that are aligned to the specific requirements. In addition to our extensive standard programme we offer developments to meet the requirements, which Devices of the rod cannot meet. Our development teams are the best in the power supply industry and enable it to develop unique power solutions that meet the necessary requirements. Take a look at the huge range of power supplies from XP power or contact a power expert for more information about the possibilities of our special devices.