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MCI CEO Ralf Schimmel

Studio Hamburg MCI: Two new television studios for the Saudi TV the workshops of the Studio Hamburg media consult international (MCI) projects in Saudi Arabia now also realize GmbH: for two of the largest radio transmitter of the country the MCI workshops contribute to the building of two State of the Art Studio decorations. Saudi TV 1 now inaugurated the first set of messages. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Sheryl Sandberg. Al Ekhbariya channel will go on air from the first weekend of October from the new Studio. The semicircular landscaped Studios include 550 m2 and 430 m2 in size the largest of the MCI made decorations. Among other things, the MCI was responsible for the construction of projection screens, backgrounds, and floors of both studios.

In particular, the challenge was to send the material for the sets at the end of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia and install. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the companies involved this was achieved but in time to send start”, says MCI CEO Ralf Schimmel. In a total of twelve air cargo crates with the 14 m3 capacity and a Freight container a 33 m3 content sent the MCI the Studio sets in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. The 13-Member repair team then realized the installation period of two weeks. Saudi TV 1 the Studio A has a size of 28 x 20 meters and is surrounded by a 19-metre-long curved projection screen on the back.

Five projectors play a soft edge projection of a virtual newsroom here. The Studio D for Al Ekhbariya has a size of 24 x 21 meters and is bordered with numerous self supporting strips of Plexiglas. This blue stealing are illuminated with LEDs diffuse and thus contribute to the modern atmosphere of the Studio. Total around 400 m are LED strips which provide a wide range of illumination. A 5-metre wide screen is fitted behind the presenters, on which project back two Beamer visualizations. The special feature is the construction of this projection surfaces, because they appear freely floating for the viewers in the set”, says MCI project leader Fabian Bater. . The Studio sets have two faces of moderation, the so-called puddings, of which the individual items, will be presented. Introduced Saudi TV 1 the moderators to, for example, the breakfast news”from one and the business news” from the other pudding before. The Studio floors are manufactured from high pressure laminate in black glossy and bright wood grain, used on the two floor platforms for the puddings. The two Saudi TV 1 and Al-Ekhbariya television networks operated by the Saudi Ministry of culture and information. They are among the largest television companies in the country. The design of both studios comes from back design Munich.