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Maria Mutema Aparece

The cruel behavior of some personages of Guimares if is equivalent how much the sequencia of which drift: of the action, of the state, the attitude and the purpose. The action consists of the cruelty, as much against the other how much against proper itself, the state is of remorse and of guilt, the attitude is of autopunio and the purpose is remission through the self-sacrificing, altruistic or ascetista behavior. The personages who will serve of object for our argument about the pretensions of certain acts redeeming you blame and remorsos, trace the following triangle: of a side Mutema Maria, the other Augustus Matraga and in the vertex the Marmela Mule. Mutema Maria woman who renounces its cruel instinct evidencing dramatical repentance for the committed errors submits it the judgment of the people, assuming its guilt and desiring punishment. Notadamente, this behavior to expose itself violent and dramatical to the judgment of the community to purge its guilt, show and elucidate with clarity the interiorizada cruelty of the personage who imposes the proper punishment as form of attended atonement. It interests to evidence that the intention of its personality if would reduce if only it reintegrated itself to the people for saw of the granted pardon. Much even so Mutema desired to the pardon it also longed for intensely to redeem itself of same itself, for itself for the others.

Kathin Rodenfild in Great Hinterland: Trails. Script of Readings demonstrates a conception on the personality of the personage who directs the question to be argued on the Mutema. It affirms that the cruelty of Maria Mutema Aparece as well as the incarnation of a natural badness, total unconscious of same itself, and that doubt, hesitation or remorse are unaware of. More than what this, this badness without cause or purpose that unfolds the subject of the hatred without cause seems to have fun itself in perverse way playing with the ethical conscience it Priest Bridge (…).