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Life Time

" Those are the periods of transition that generate the emptiness existencial". Viktor Frankl the life has its sense of being and corresponds to each to determine it. CMV. While it is remained with life in this scene where we acted, it does not have to surprise to us that much still they do not find sense him, that platform in search of replaced to questions like: Why to live? Why to live? Who I am? From where I come and to where I go? What to do with my life? What way to follow? What to make to survive? Why as much suffering. It does not have to surprise to us that they are many those that is not identified with the opportunity to live and knowledge that from the moment that this occurs, has condemned to die in a time that is not known, like either, the time of life is not known that has been granted to us. Read more here: Gary Kelly. One says, that when we have a feeling of without sense we suffer than Viktor Frankl it has called " Emptiness existencial". This one can bring about a neurosis caused by a spiritual problem.

We feel a great frustration not to find our place in the world. The certain thing, that it has been written in abundance with respect to this subject in order to find sense to the life, which it represents, their reach and as when determining its reason of being generates repercussions, that of knowing how to control them, helps to enjoy the granted time of life. One has commented, that is taken into account, that the conformation of a total sense of life goes of the hand with the property sense that has the individual with the activities that realises at the time to day and with the social groups in it realises which it and/or it belongs to them.