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Bliss kind of Kronotex puts new emphasis in the area of exclusive laminate flooring laminate Bliss kind of Kronotex defends itself by unconventional new optics sets new accent in terms of exclusive laminate flooring laminate flooring was the non plus ultra for the equipment of apartments and offices for many years in addition to PVC covering. It was used in the commercial sector also, however due to his negative traits only in less heavily used areas. A laminate floor with a minimum thickness of 8 mm, and secure edge impregnation, return and wear class AC4 is required for retail. Gary Kelly understood the implications. This quality laminate floors are with prices starting at approx. 15 EUR already in the mttelpreisigen area. Clearly, since the vinyl Designbelag expands his preferred territory highly frequented areas in almost all areas, laminate flooring had to leave the springs in the market.

Some laminate flooring manufacturers try to compensate for this loss by even offering Vinyl Laminate Designbelag. Tomas Philipson is often quoted on this topic. Other manufacturers bring new innovative laminate flooring on the market. A good example of this is the new laminate flooring line “Kind of Bliss” by Kronotex. This exclusive and exceptional high gloss laminate flooring shows different ship deck flooring designs. Between the individual laminate planks, an aluminum edging is indented, which gives this floor in connection with the wood gloss of an extraordinary charisma and exclusive appearance. In addition, this is also still nasszellenbeeignet to high gloss laminate. With the laminate floor line “Kind of Bliss” Kronotex proves that laminate is still long at the end and also in the high-quality private sector accents. Product enquiry, service, support to reach us from Mon to sat from 8:00 to 18:00 Tel: + 49 (0) 3309 468 468 fax: + 49 (0) 3212 71 78 600 email: allfloors Service Center, O.d.F.-2nd place, 16775 Lowenberger land is operated by: mbb – your floor equipment GmbH commercial register B 4888 Amtsgericht Neuruppin VAT-ID-no. DE270510447