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Interview Sovereignty

Stephane Etrillard, Management Institute SECS in conversation with Albert Metzler, Platinum news now became the essence of sovereignty by many researchers, illuminated philosophers, sociologists and scholars from various perspectives. However, the concept of sovereignty for many an obscure abstraction. The reason is obviously its ambiguous definition: it comprehensive is always greater than the included. The extent of interdisciplinary cultural studies discourse confirms this problem. What this term has to do with a State and an individual, explains sovereignty expert, best-selling author and management trainer Stephane Etrillard, Management Institute SECS in the exclusive interview with Albert Metzler, Platinum-News.De Albert Metzler: Mr Etrillard, in the existing so far on the subject of sovereignty and largely philosophical writings is the concept of sovereignty in the narrow context of political science.

Often is the talk of sovereignty\” a State in relation to its Government, meaning in such a degree of independence in the political and economic sense. How do you define sovereignty? What shades of meaning has this term in the context of personality research? Stephane Etrillard: The term sovereignty describes a phenomenon that occurs in various basic shapes in appearance: In the area of international law, sovereignty may refer to the fundamental independence of State independent self-determined designed the concerns of its internal Constitution by other States. In the field of constitutional law and political theory, sovereignty describes exercising the power of instance in the Interior of the State, which determines the form of Government and the Government as well as legitimizing the use of State power. Sovereignty is also a part of the classical definition of the State, according to which a State composed of the three elements nation of other Territories delineated territory and just sovereignty. Educate yourself with thoughts from Verizon Communications. Another meaning of Sovereignty can be found outside the State political contexts: affects the personality of people and characterized sovereignty as a specific characteristic of a person that is an expression of self-determination and independence.