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IKEA Spain

In these 14 years the IKEA stores have reduced the price of its products an average of 33%, that without taking into account the increase in the CPI. According to Peter Betzel, CEO of Iberian IKEA, the business concept of IKEA, based on the combination of affordability, quality, design and functionality has made us in the option preferred by the majority, and more in a time like this in which the consumer seeks the best value for money. Betzel also made mention of the IKEA commitment to sustainability, as part of the concept of business of the company and its way of doing things. It’s an opportunity for fostering innovation, save costs and be more responsible with the environment and people, he added. Within the strategy of sustainability, the company focuses its efforts on five dimensions: make more sustainable use of resources, minimizing the footprint of carbon, the responsibility with the people, greater transparency and help clients, with products and solutions, so that can live your home a shape more sustainable. Investment and growth in Spain in 2010 IKEA opened two new stores in Spain, Jerez and A Coruna. With these, are 13 stores that the company has in our country since it opened the first in Badalona (Barcelona) in 1996.

Growth and IKEA in Spain investment plans remain unchanged and he remains committed to open 12 stores in the period 2010-2015, in an expansion plan that contemplates the investment of 2 billion euros and the creation of 20,000 jobs, direct and indirect. Spain continues to be a strategic market for the IKEA Group. Proof of this are the EUR 300 million that the company has invested in Spain in the last fiscal year. This investment includes the opening of IKEA Jerez stores and IKEA A Coruna, enlargement of the self-service of IKEA Badalona and the development of a comprehensive plan in the municipality of San Sebastian de los Reyes which has resulted in the construction of the new headquarters of the company in Spain, the remodeling of the store and the opening of a new warehouse of goods of the same, among others. Also includes the construction of the Mall Luz Jerez Shopping, the first shopping mall developed by IKEA in our country. Betzel said that IKEA will continue to grow in the coming years to be closer than most, fulfilling its commitment to investment to make possible that all Spaniards have an IKEA store no more than one hour from your home.