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Human Capital Management

Great souls have wills, only weak deseos.a General Chinese proverb, concepts and considerations It is increasingly important that management stops to assess how you are managing, using human talent capital of the company under his charge. We can not continue wasting as a have been doing, especially SMEs together with several factors that need to be corrected and move on to actions that promote the development, proper use of human potential that is handled. a The most significant of the factors becomes a serious obstacle to the exploitation of human capital, is ignorance of what it represents, he did not know motivate staff, does not clearly define its functions, performance, and did not recognize their performance , productivity. There is a lack of knowledge of what constitutes properly handle the optimization of motivational tools, leadership, coaching oncology, team, participation in pro-worker providing all necessary support including training, training. a Human capital is the increase in production capacity of the work achieved with improvements in the capabilities of workers.

It refers to practical knowledge, acquired skills and learned abilities that make an individual potentially productive human capital is defined therefore as the workforce within an enterprise and, as all authors agree, is the resource most important and basic as they are the building on the work productivity of goods or services in order to satisfy needs and sell in the market for a profit. Thus, it is not surprising that Professor Chichi Paez idea of the graduate program of quality management and productivity of Faces at the University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, indicate that a not surprising that the world a organizational today is very often hear expressions such vetch yesterday or even imagined.