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The House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen to keep informed with the garden in shot can be very stressful and time consuming. So, it’s no wonder that Germany’s courts again deal with the question, whether landlord or tenant must maintain the garden. The Giessener property management Gamdhi is this often emerging tenancy question to the bottom. The garden and Park maintenance is an obligation of the lessor without further Treaty provisions. Rented houses are excluded. With them the gardening is usually the tenant, as far as nothing else is determined in the contract.

Even if they are in principle obliged to perform the unpleasant work of garden, landlords have a number of opportunities to participate in their tenants. Run the necessary work on the part of the landlord or on his behalf by a third party, 2 a cost allocation on its tenants allowed operating costs Regulation No. 10. This is allowed but not for all garden work, but only for activities that that serve the regular maintenance of gardens and parks. May be necessary, unique works, such as the Elimination of severe consequences, costing not on the tenants be relocated. Per lease, the lessee may be required also do the gardening yourself. Fundamentally, only simple works, which means neither experience nor technical skills or significant financial expenses incumbent him in this case.

Unless the rental agreement sets no other activities, the tenancy obligation so confined to routine tasks such as lawn mowing or removal of leaves. How and especially also when he fulfilled his obligation, is a matter of the lessee. The landlord must make him no rules. In particular, he has no right to demand the execution of individual works or to arrange times for garden maintenance. How much he engaged for the gardening, is so largely left to the tenant. German courts have here in recent years extremely tolerant shown. Only the overgrowing of garden and green area must prevent the tenant in any case. Billing individual gardening or the correct execution of agreed care work is controversial, it can be worthwhile for the landlord, to turn a lawyer. To answer further questions about the management of residential property the Giessener property management Gamdhi is available. Press contact House administrative Gierschner contact person: Mr Gamdhi fountain trail 3 35394 Giessen Tel.: 06 41 / 93 02 86 fax: 06 41 / 93 02 88 email: Homepage: