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Herberto Sales

In I specify, the workmanship Gravel helps reader to perceive the identity of the man I pan of it, the wealth headquarters that inhabited in the men and the relation of dependence and extortion in a vicious cycle lived by some citizens in some generations. When the author if gave account of the success reached by means of criticizes decided to lagar the notary’s office and to change itself for Rio De Janeiro where if he dedicated to the journalism and literature. In 1945 the author decided to make another romanesca experience with ‘ ‘ Beyond the Marimbus’ ‘ also ambientado in Andara, but that he focused the lumber activities of side-river. However, he only publishes the romance in 1961. It finished for producing an extensive bibliography that also is extremely memorialista, in which, contains infanto-youthful literature and the story presence beyond romances. In its rude chats singela of a reality and marked for the cruelty, Herberto Sales does not have a spirit demagogue, paternalista or same a speech politician in its workmanship, but, describes a hard reality with intelligence and sensitivity in the form of a realism pungente detaching the nature fighter of this suffered man. According to Jose Lins of Rego, the author ‘ ‘ he looked for to give to body its memories of Andara’ ‘ , and for as much Gravel he is much more that a regionalistic or realistic romance, is mainly a composed romance for the ficcional bias of the memory.