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Google Analytics

If there is a fundamental key in marketing by Internet that has made great to many companies online, without a doubt it has been the make to create value and of giving it of gratuitous way. The great businesses and companies online offered (and they offer) their services and information of gratuitous way. Thanks to the fact that they did this, they could form the foundations where soon they would construct to his alternatives of business and income. Perhaps you ask yourself:If this type of promotion is so effective Why people do not offer her services or products free of charge but often? This can be for several reasons, but in the majority of the cases it is because they have not considered it or because they do not know the benefits to do it. In fact, even many people who if they consider this possibility, discard it generally because they suppose that to do it is necessary to realise great investments of money or time. Then, the truth is that those people are mistaken In Internet you can arm a business, offer a product or give a service by a very low initial cost, and you can cause that this cost does not increase to a great extent if you take advantage of the technology and you automate your actions. Of this form you can offer something of value free later to create your business and your income from that gratuitous value, that not only is giving an incredible promotion you, but are helping you to consolidarte as it marks and like referring. One of the clearest examples, is the one of Google. Google is a gratuitous finder that in addition offer many other services (also gratuitous) like Gmail, Google Analytics, etc. Day to day, million people worldwide use the finder of Google free to make their searches and to accede to any site of Internet.