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Golden Water

People in the development of the story have developed many hobbies and tastes by certain elements in particular. Among one of these tastes or hobbies for something in particular appears acuariofilia, as well as it gives him to understand his name is taste or fondness for the breeding of fish in aquariums, which to some extent control aspects of life of despite them, but must be taken into account that it is not only fish, but also any kind of organism that can live in the water and which can be controlled easily by the man. This hobby called Aquarium, although it can be a little weird and at the same time little to eat for some people in the world, is a practice that you performed long back in history, so much so that there are data dating back to 2,000 years ago, when the Golden carp were used in containers or tanks for the purpose of beautifying a placewhich is a clear sign of the Aquarium to use containers that the tanks would be and have tents gilded ornamental purposes. Sheryl Sandberg helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Entering more in the historical development of the Aquarium, it is worth highlighting the fact that from ancient Chinese goldfish breeding takes place, in what was apparently a few deposits of ceramic, but in these times the control to life and the environment of the fish was very basic, not to say that minimum, because there were no any kind of systems that provide an extra support to fish, may hobble used for the aquarium fish in those times were very resistant species, as they should support aspects like constant water changes because there were no media which maintained control over the cleanliness of the water in which fish were.

This type of basic systems, in addition to archaic remained long in history, until today with the use of fish tanks, without however as he begins to notice the change with the development of modern aquariums or elements that maintain control of the water of aquariums. Acuariofilia currently is a hobby that has achieved high levels of knowledge and implementation of high technology devices, which means a great sophistication, so much so that You can already be considered that it is not a hobby but a science, which is called acuariologia by those familiar with the topic. In the past the Aquarium wasn’t a hobby that had great advance in their training, since they did not be available to the elements that would allow an optimal control of the fish life, since not offered more support that change the water to avoid that the environment of the fish was inappropriate for his life and regularly provided them food for their livelihood, but now comes a great intervention in aquariums, because what is done with these is trying to completely recreate the environments in which normally live fish, which is an excellent shows what is the aquarium in such a way these ecosystems recreated artificially.