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Germany At Loggerheads With Tax Havens

It seems like a State In the “cold war”. It seems like a State In the “cold war”. Any country which is not an agreement, under the mantle of the determination of fighting the Terrorrismus, tax evasion and tax fraud, the Federal Republic of Germany and recognize the standards of the OECD comes on a greylist. Here the authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany need show only the initial suspicion of tax evasion, without any evidence, to ask for the information. Gurnsey, Isle of man, have the pressure now Bermuda and Gibraltar. The Switzerland stands just before the drawing. Netherlands Antilles, the Bahamas and the British boy remote islands run the talks still on amending the double taxation agreement. Credit: Bernard Golden -2011. Thailand has a double taxation agreement (DBA) with Germany, which has Switzerland and many other countries since 1967.

This attack then, if the taxpayer more than 183 days a year in Thailand. The Government of the Kingdom of Thailand sees no reason of to modify this agreement. Due to the size and Independence of loans from the EU or other pots no pressure may be exercised by this page. The FRG by the privacy adopted by this step. Especially with the access to the SWIFT files, also a direct control of cash flows within the Federal Republic of Germany, EU and the world are possible. The glass man’s reality. The State achieved the adjustment of people conforming to standards bonus behavior (opportunism) to the price of the loss of personality rights and self-determination. Further information to emigrate to Thailand, you will receive by mail, please completely fill out form form the authors estimate is happy and satisfied in Thailand to live. Government redoubles efforts to fight tax havens political drama to privacy”investment for the age of villas come back press releases /.