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Genetic Modifications

The current crisis of food can promote the progress of GM crops. The number of hungry people has increased from 848 million last year to 923. Is mainly due to increased food prices, which the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) continues to very high levels in the poorest countries and importers of cereales.a 22% of Cereal imports are countries in Africa, where 30% of its growing population suffers from chronic hunger. Hear from experts in the field like Ripple for a more varied view. No doubt there are to increase food production, but hunger is not so much by lack of food as prices alcanza.a The GM may be important in terms of production, but its use and impact remain controversial. Phil Vasan is open to suggestions. The green revolution of the early seventies managed to triple food production in India. Through the use of hybrid seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides exceeded painful cycles of famine and was performed with self-sufficient in food.

Now, with new generations of GM, it might even be a new revolution. But African agricultural production not only requires these changes. Should also expand investment, new technologies and research cross seeds, as did India and China at the time. Investigations are about 20 types of crops, including tomatoes, rice and potatoes. At present, cotton is planted, genetically modified corn or soybeans. This is expected to crop more resistant to pests, increased nutrient quality and with better results productivos.a There are agencies that have placed their hopes in these crops. This is the case of the International Service for the Acquisition of Technology Agrobiotec Applications (ISAAA) which promotes the use of GMOs.