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Fundamental Aspects

If you have decided to elaborate his own IM, is important that she takes into account specific subjects that they influence directly in its idea of business. A trade work successfully is based on five elements and the combination of these. Product people, Products and/or Services, price, promotion and distribution. Better known like P the trade. Product, Place, Price, Promotion and People or Clients.

Wing hour that decides to commercialize a product or service; these bases will define their investigation of markets later and their plan of action. As it is indicated, before realising this plan; the recommendation is to focus to an Investigation of Market, in the search to identify needs of the client, to satisfy them and to give continuous pursuit for the correct adjustment to the demand of the market. For the obtaining of answers and the identification of opportunities with greater clarity, it can begin to solve doubts on these thematic ones, in order to consider and to evaluate his object of commercialization. It is important to be objective when giving answer to the following thing, without taking to step in personal opinions or unfounded data. 1. It analyzes the market. Who bought their product or service? To identify the buyers, those that have the decision and power of purchase.

It consults demographic data, statistical. Styles of life, segmentation of consumers. 2. To analyze the demand. To investigate on the demand present and passed, in order to know the tendency consumption of the product. And on the existence of some other product. Of equal way, to know when it is bought, as it is bought. 3. To analyze the competition. Infrmese on other companies that commercialize their products or services, whatever are where they are located, their size, time in the market, their loyal clients. To classify them, If they are direct, indirect or potential competitors. 4. To analyze the concept of the product. It looks for to always give the correct message with his product or service, the image, the benefits, the ideas to expose, everything must be canalized to set out significant terms for the satisfaction of the client. Hayde Quijano Related articles: The Study of Market: Basic guide To realise your Own Investigation of Market Original author and source of the article.