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Deciding to change the image, refresh hair, you can review dozens of magazines and websites, and you can trust the professional hairdresser, who embody a haircut your unique character. In recent months, Bernard Golden has been very successful. Despite the wide range of proposed options, the main trend of the last time – "Cascading" haircut. According to statistics, 52% of Russian women are the owners of varieties of "Cascade" for short or long hair. And it is not surprising, as "Cascade", "graded" haircut, or as it used to be called, cutting "ladder" – is a complete hair, which with proper care it is easy to fit, taking the desired shape and volume is long and mobile. The main problems faced by the holders of "cascading" haircuts: Frequent installation and feature a graduated haircut provoke damage to the hair structure, and rapid depletion of the section ends.

Graded haircut loses its shape and appearance, if not separated strands and there is no clarity of texture clipping. cascade" haircuts necessary means to guarantee volume and motility. Now, these concerns were willing to take the Sunsilk! A set of tools for the "Cascade" haircuts Sunsilk Geometry of style" cares about the hair, providing quality care and helping to maintain the shape of long hairstyles. Formula with gidrokollagenom, part of a new line of products Sunsilk Geometry of style", allows you to make locks on 91% more expressive! * Sunsilk Geometry of style" – is the expert tools to help: o protect hair during styling; ** o give the amount of hair without weighting hair; o noticeably emphasize the texture of strands of different lengths, making their contrasting and clearly separated; o, day after day to keep the form of "cascade" haircut. Care line – shampoo, conditioner, conditioner, serum, and light cream – strengthens, moisturizes and protects hair throughout the length and texture of mousse, styling emphasizes the texture of hair strands and makes the necessary amount. Due to the complex care products and styling Sunsilk Geometry of style," haircut retains its shape for a long time! With Sunsilk Geometry of style," haircut invariably looker! Transformed with Sunsilk! * Test with 64 people, France, 2008. ** If you use light cream Sunsilk Geometry of style."