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ForestFinance Earth Day Piornier

Bonn company ForestFinance as a pioneer awarded for social and ecological commitment. “The German Earth Day movement has the Bonn ForestFinance as Earth Day pioneer of the month” award. Thus, the intense social and environmental commitment was honoured the provider of sustainable forest investments. “The Earth Day in Germany Earth Day” is celebrated every year on April 22 in over 150 countries across the globe; to strengthen the appreciation of environmental and climate protection and questioning consumer behaviour. The German Earth Day stands out once per month especially dedicated pioneers in environmental and climate protection Committee. The detailed article on ForestFinance as Earth Day pioneer, you can read pdf/pdm/2013-05.pdf on the platform for action.

Pioneer of the month Earth Day Honours companies operating in Bonn the Bonn party of sustainable forest investments ForestFinance combines private investments with long-term, sustainable afforestation at the sites of Colombia, Panama, Peru and Viet Nam. Earth Day President Thomas Dannenmann congratulates ForestFinance on the commitment: instead of monocultures ForestFinance plant forests, mostly from native tree species best hen. An idea per climate and sustainability, which should make school and we recommend all over the world, where this is possible.” The mixed forests, which Forestfinance has afforested over the past 17 years for over 12,000 customers, already offer a new home for many animal and plant species. Also, investment in rural areas enable stable employment gungsverhaltnisse. “We appreciate German Earth Day Ko-mittee huge award by the”, commented founder Harry Assenmacher the special award. Earth Day sets a signal for investments that offer actually sustainable benefits, instead of just a green image to simulate it.” “ForestFinance was already a variety of other awards, among them as the world’s only company the FSC Global Partner Award” in the category Financial services”. FSC is the world’s most recognized label for environmentally and socially sustainable forestry. In addition, ForestFinance is outstanding classified also by review sites.