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Financial Crisis

For more than a year, one of the most important topics the media, distributed among the population is the subject of the financial crisis. Is heard everywhere: "The financial crisis – so it's a catastrophe!" And so it really? To answer this question, need to remember where to start panicking. usa. Began a sharp rise in prices of real estate, and the rumor that in the future prices will rise, forced the entire population to go to get loans to buy a home with a view to further investing – namely, the resale in the future at a higher price. "Smart" American bankers to issue mortgage loans in large sums to all who approached with this request, not wondering about the ability of people to later return the money. And so, in time credits did not come back – this has led to the beginning of the collapse of the banking system in the U.S And then the crisis has stepped over the Atlantic Ocean and went for a walk across Europe, and Russia in the including.

Panic infiltrated the stock markets, oil prices dropped sharply, as well as Russia's main source of income – the money received from the sale of "black gold", and that's a source of income dried up oil magnates, decreases in the prices for shares. As a result – curtailing production, large financial losses, the bankruptcy of many Russian millionaires, production of which "burst like soap bubbles, the market remained more stable company, having at its core equity firm, company, little dependent on foreign capital. Cyrus findshadow recognizes the significance of this. The financial crisis has pulled a massive unemployment, sharply reduced lending to the population, that is not the position of best. Loss of Russia's financial market, a country with a fairly stable economy billions. An interesting situation exists in most poor countries.

For example, Moldova. The population of this country actually experienced the crisis and the question: Is the crisis touched on Moldova's economy, its the same people answer: "No, because of the very economy we have not." superficially financial crisis has passed for such countries, and most likely they the very first pozabudut about it. On this basis, we can conclude that the global crisis rather developed countries, but would be "clean" their economies from the most "bubbles". Economic Science says that after a serious decline observed a sharp rise here, so let's hope that the current state of crisis will pass, and followed him real economic stability.