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European Council

The economic and political situation of Italy, doubts about Portugal and Greece joined dragged into the Spanish premium. Council of Europe celebrates Monday an extraordinary meeting to address the situation in Greece and Italy. The Ibex, slope of the evolution of the debt falls. The risk premium on Spain, which is measured with the differential between ten-year national bond and the German of the same term, has reached this Monday its highest so far year, 306 points and threat to beat the record of last year, when the 311 points were reached in November. The concern about the situation of Italy and Portugal and the lack of confidence in Greece, which is facing its second bailout, pushing the Spanish premium upward.

The President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, has called this Monday an extraordinary meeting which will deal with situations of Greece and Italy. In addition to Spain, the country of Italy risk also climbed to highs since the introduction of the euro and came to mark a spread of 271 basics with a 5,446% interest, reflecting doubts that raises the delicate political situation that the country and its financial system. Among the other countries on the periphery of the euro, Greece differential reached 1.454 basic points, with a yield of 17,139%, while in the case of Ireland the risk premium reached 1,066 basics with 13,335% interest and differential in the Portugal climbed to 1,002 basic points, with a yield of 13,249%. Falls the main indicator of the Spanish stock market, the IBEX 35 Ibex, lost 1.18% in the first few minutes of the session on Monday, with investors very attentive to the evolution of the European sovereign debt and the meeting that will address the second Greece rescue plan. 10,05 Hours the selective Spanish lost 1.06% and stood at 9.833 units. Source of the news: the risk premium on Spanish exceeds the annual maximum and reaches the 306 points