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Disability Insurance

The winner of the occupational disability insurance 2012 are expected. Test winner Berusfunfahigkeitsversicherung Foundation were test 2011 last year were in the summer again by the tester by Stiftung Warentest examines disability insurance. Stiftung Warentest belongs to the most prestigious rating agencies in Germany and enjoys a very high level of confidence among consumers. In the last disability insurance several tariffs of different insurance companies were distinguished test with very good test results. BU test winner of 2011 was a collective of the AachenMunchener (SBU BU F/M), which achieved a total score of 0.7 and total could received the rating “very good”.

BU test 2011: 10 tariffs with “very good” award in addition to the BU test winner SBU BU were nine more disability insurance that convince Tester by Stiftung Warentest F/M of the AachenMunchener and received the best grade “very good”. Overall, this BU reached provider but “only” an overall rating of 0.9, which they beat not the test winner could. Were the runners up in the test: disability insurance the HanseMerkur disability insurance the HUK24 professional impotence insurance the HUK-Coburg professional impotence insurance the generali professional impotence insurance of the public Oldenburg disability insurance the provincial Rhineland disability insurance of Hannover life disability insurance the VHV professional impotence insurance of the VGH total the above BU could test winner convince the editors by Finanztest especially by a good price-performance ratio. A man thirty years was chosen as sample customers for the BU fares. Disability insurance test: eco 2012 even the renowned rating agency oko-Test has already 2012 the occupational disability insurance test and test winner could determine any real BU. Although the price performance ratios of surveyed BU tariffs agreed mostly, however, there were many complications in the admission criteria and tested customers had to spite small pre-existing conditions which is not negatively impacted by increased likelihood of disability, to be classified in a worse rate. Disability insurance test for students and trainees this year were already the disability insurance named test winner Stiftung Warentest for students and trainees.

A total of 25 policies for young adults were tested this. The consumer magazine pointed out the importance of a BU-insurance and the fact that this as early as possible should be completed, to insure their own labor power. This is important, especially for young workers as they have no legal right to a disability pension in the first years. They would pay 1/3 of the old Nettolohns monthly in the event of occupational disability. Whether that’s enough to life, every man for himself must determine. A private pension is very important so the professionals by Stiftung Warentest. In Germany, every fourth gainfully employed before the age of retirement is berufsunfahig.