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Czech Republic

The first editorially independent Internet platform for the Czech metropolis, which equally consols for tourists and Prague citizens many useful information about life in the Golden City helps by authorities jungle and gastronomic scene Prague, may 6, 2010 German, Czech and English that new Prague Portal is For example to authorities, leisure activities, service providers and artisans search or the gastronomy scene. In addition, there are numerous interactive elements on the Prague and Prague lovers can interact. The advantage for the website users: He benefits equally from the experience of old Prague no matter as well as short-term visitors whether Czechs or foreigners. To read more click here: Gary Kelly. Because without knowledge of the Czech it is often difficult in Prague to find what you are looking for: the right doctor, a reliable maid or documents for important authorities in English. Info kiosk fill AIDS for official forms Useful for Czech immigrants: the city pilot info kiosk.

He assists real practice in administrative procedures through detailed explanation of each step, that you have to go through for a particular operation, such as E.g. the joining of the Prague registration office, which documents to bring along are, and where you can download the official forms on the Internet. Handy for those who can not Czech: the most important documents, City pilot fill aid offered in English. In addition you may ask its also to all visitors of City pilot in Forum parallel in one, two or all three languages. And benefit from the knowledge of others Prague so ideally.

Gastro – and service reviews help you choose who visits Prague for a few days, finds in the city pilot gastro guide lots of restaurants and hotels, which already have been evaluated by other guests. And who made bad experiences can leave off air and save others from similar experiences. The same is true for any other service company! Practical: Who can comfortably search for neighborhoods and show the top rated providers in the district in which he resides, looking for a doctor, a pharmacy, or the nearest Cafe. In addition, the portal but also lots of offers tips around the topic of leisure and culture for example trips or walks, which are also times away from the mainstream, as well as special offers for children. Short profile went in May 2010 as a german-Czech cooperation project at the start. With localized versions in Czech, German and English is the only editorially independent, multilingual community portal for the city of Prague. Thematic areas: gastro – and Serviceguides free with entry and assessment opportunities, an information kiosk with practical help and fill tools for authorities in Prague and Czech Republic, cultural know-how, leisure tips and (consumer) interactive elements such as the city pilot forum or the classifieds area. Advertisers are actively advise and Translation of advertising materials professionally supported.