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In the money management can be included but discretionary decisions. A correlation analysis on a very short-term basis and the performance are crucial within a month. Was the month to date successful, several positions are allowed because the accrued profit is initially risked in the case and are not direct losses. Negative value development on the other hand, the risks are limited more to reduce the potential drawdown. This was implemented in the last three years more consistently, which investors could benefit from low drawdown phase. How much return potential given the customer with PC European markets? And what risk is associated with? Titus C. Castles: double-digit returns are clear goal of the strategy.

Of course corresponding risks associated. The strategy is only for investors with medium to long-term investment horizon suitable. Interim loss phases can keep out investors, you will be rewarded with the yields reported in the factsheet. Harbor Financial, as well as PC European To trade markets, via the American broker PFG. Why you enjoy working with American brokers? Titus C.

Castles: US brokers offer several advantages. You have great experience in the trading of derivatives and are controlled by the stringent U.S. regulatory agency, CFTC, which deals exclusively with futures and options. The principle of segregated accounts, which has demonstrated its effective action in the past, such as the insolvency of the brokers also applies to US brokers Refco in 2005. Customers will also benefit from a tax deferral effect, because the withholding tax does not like in Germany will be withheld for each closed position, but is due at the end of the year with the tax return. Portfolio concept has recently received the CTA licence and is therefore now entitled strategies with futures, to offer foreign exchange and commodity prices on the American market. Why is portfolio concept this step, because after all the one-off and ongoing costs of such licensing is notoriously high.