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Cranberry Businesses

Experts began to look for ways to grow cranberries in plantations. The first cranberry plantation was founded in 1840 in the U.S. (New Jersey). And in 1980 here with 1350 hectares had been collected 14 750 t cranberries, or 10 920 kg / ha of crops in natural 50 … 100 kg / ha. Even during Soviet times, the largest cranberry plantations were established in Estonia in the swamps, no rumblings.

It is still grown 22 varieties of cranberries. All in all, breeders, cranberry-Vedas Nigula displays over 500 varieties of it. On experimental plots of cranberry plantation Nigula State Reserve collected 500 kg of grapes per hectare. Create a cranberry plantation in Nigula was caused by a sharp decline stocks of wild cranberry, as in some marshes rosshaya there earlier in the abundance of cranberries are now completely destroyed, while in other places close to destruction. The reason for that … with an iron shovel teeth, otherwise known as' cranberry combine '. In a question-answer forum Cranberry is rich in trace elements, organic acids, vitamins and other substances. She decorates the table, raises taste of food, improves digestion and assimilation of food. Nutritionists believe cranberries stimulator of secretion of the pancreas, when she pyelonephritis increases the antibacterial activity of other drugs, and she has a therapeutic effect. Cranberry good bactericide. Studies have shown that cranberry juice retards the growth and development of Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus anthrax, Proteus and Escherichia coli. But Cranberry is useful not for everyone. Thus, patients with gastric ulcer, it is not recommended. And use it in this case can only be on the recommendation of a physician.