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Consumer Advocates Warn.

Eyes on when purchasing car spare parts bumper dented, broken alternator: cheap spare parts Grosswallstadt asked March 12, 2008 – the mobile frame is damaged, access many Germans to wrenches and pliers and repair the damage yourself. The joy of the saved costs for the workshop is often diminished by the high prices of spare parts. Consumer advocates warn of the risk to go for quick cheap sale on dubious Internet portals counterfeiting on the glue. Also the Federal Office for foreign trade warns of pirate products, at the same time, she expected a doubling of the market for spare parts by 2016. A successful year 2007 from Grosswallstadt shows that it is cheap and safe.

With a Ruckwartsauktionshaus for car parts, accessories and tuning parts, allows convenient part of buying on the Internet – with warranty and official dealer hand. “We have turned over just an old auction principle”, describes the founder Philipp Packheiser The idea of the online platform. Actually have to beat on the owners of part of not the Teilesuchenden, but competing dealers push the price – remarkable savers for consumers are the result. This auction is very easy and free of charge. Over 200 dealers provide constant competition on “Especially is the wide range of our services. In addition to the standard wearing parts there are also parts for special needs or for auto-tuning”, Packheiser writes to the wide range of auto parts for the users of the reverse auction. On top of that the comprehensive system is convenient for you: in addition to the exact specifications, it knows the original replacement part numbers.

The TEILeHABER traders offer also used parts new parts. “Not every replacement part must be brand-new, so that even more can be saved” Packheiser describes another advantage of the TEILeHABER offer. Especially old cars take advantage of this opportunity, because there are hardly any new parts for many historic vehicles. is the first German-speaking Ruckwartsauktionshaus of automotive parts, accessories and tuning parts. Replacement part seekers submit their demand for the desired part via the Internet platform, wait how beaten to traders with their offerings and finally decide for the best deal. There are no registration fees and membership fees on the owners of part of, only for successful sales, sellers pay a small Commission. Premium dealer benefit offerings as its own mini home page for a small fee. Buying and selling of spare parts through works simply, quickly and safely.