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Challenges Segregation

And who knew that, of all billion dollar films emanating from the dream factory that is Hollywood, the best action film would be a science-fiction with a rookie director and rookie actors, with a limited budget of $30 million bill dark premise vague? But first, let’s step back a bit to find out how this little gem of cinema came to be. Originally, the director Neill Blomkamp, a talented director of commercials and short films in South Africa, was approached by Peter Jackson to direct Halo, a film based on the video game series. When this project failed, Jackson personally led an effort to get financing for a 6-minute short film in Johannesburg, on an alien spaceship landing in Johannesburg and the resulting tension between foreigners and South African population. When the film is being extended in a long, that was the origin of District 9. Twenty years ago, a spaceship stopped in Johannesburg South Africa. But the aliens were not hostile.

They became refugees, and these creatures – with the nickname “Shrimp” by its appearance of crustaceans – settled in a slum in South Africa called ‘District 9’. However, after much tension between the aliens and the general population, the world’s patience is exhausted. To control the aliens have been recruited to Multi-National United (MNU), a private company is the second largest arms manufacturer in the world. The company is not concerned about the welfare of the aliens, but rather, to learn to operate the awesome alien weaponry, a feat that requires the DNA of Gambas. When operators of MNU, led by newly appointed field agent Wikus are responsible for moving the shrimp District 9 to a concentration camp known as District 10, comes to a neighborhood and suddenly exposed to a mysterious virus that begins to change your DNA. Wikus soon becomes the most wanted man on the planet, because it becomes the key to unlocking the secrets of alien technology. Become outcast, the only place that has to hide is District 9, which shows that there are kept secret much larger than originally imagined.