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CARLiN Direct Sales

The things march more than well for the unique franchise-holder of CARLiN Direct Sales in Orense. After a year to the front of the business, Jose Salgado, the entrepreneur who decided to start up this adventure, makes a balance more than positive of his experience. ” I abr to this CARLiN store in center of Orense having the certainty that it bet by a very based mark in the market and with a high capacity to generate negocio”. The premises, located in the street Ramon Cabanillas n14 count on 175 m2. At the moment it enjoys the exclusive right of being the unique presence that has the standard in the city. ” Like exclusive representative of the tax exemption in Orense, I wanted that the store was in a centric place to be able, that way, to cover a greater niche with market.

We give service to all type of clients from college students to mothers who look for scholastic material their children until companies that order calling cards to us, catalogues, etc.” Salgado explains Experience and professionalism And it is that this Galician entrepreneur did not arrive from new at the world of the stationery store. During years it had run a familiar business dedicated to the same sector. For this reason, it speaks with cause knowledge when it says that ” the products that we offer in CARLiN are more attractive for the public who those that offers other stores since they combine functionality with design. We offer another concept of stationery store that until now did not have in Orense. That is the value differential that we showed the public. To which in addition it is necessary to add to him to prices competitivos” very; Salgado comments. And it is that these businesses live a good moment in spite of the crisis.