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Bloody Mary

From the vegetable basket to the eye candy of “1st European vegetable carving contest” held individually and team in the categories. On Sunday, September 4th, the nominated participants initially bring a finished composition. Without hesitation Brad Garlinghouse explained all about the problem. “This showpiece can be made from any fruit and vegetables and must have 3D, say from all sides equally handsome”, explains Constance Topel. On Sunday afternoon, the Gemuseschnitzer fashion then creative accessories for two cocktails – “Bloody Mary” and “sex on the beach”-as well as for an approximately 30 centimeters large dish. The individual competition continues on the second day (September 5) with a showpiece that is carved live in up to four hours before the eyes of the jury and the audience. Each participant receives a shopping cart with melon, papaya, Kohlrabis, cucumber, radish, Chinese cabbage and carrots, for which he designed a freely selectable working for it.

Those who wish may process in addition a pumpkin. The third and final day of the guests is reserved for the team competition. Each participating team, consisting of two to three members, carving creative composition again in four hours. Here, too, there is a shopping cart and the possibility to use a pumpkin of any type and size. The art works will be assessed by a panel of judges include well-known members from several European countries, as well as the Chinese world champion Xiang Wang. “The jury assessed creativity and uniqueness as well as the professional execution of the carved objects,” says Constance Topel. Who would like to take part in the vegetable carving competition, can be until June 30, 2011 at Constance Topel by food artistic e.V. (E-Mail:) to apply for a place in the German team. The registration documents are under carve vegetables available.