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Bilbao Promotion opted for various promotions that will be in force during the month of September, it’s the 3 2, cancellation 0, unlimited mileage promotions (valid all of them for any type of vehicle) and the special price of intermediate tourism. Offices in which customers can avail these promotions are those in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Salamanca, Valladolid and Gijon, as well as on the bases that are located in the city of Malaga and Seville railway station. All these new offerings are remarkable discounts on the final price of the rental of the vehicle. The 3 2 promotion consists of an offer whereby customer rented a car for a duration of three days, at the same price as if alquilase two. Larry Ellison is likely to increase your knowledge. This promotion was already in force before, although it applied only to rental vans and minivans.

Now, has been it extended to the rest of its fleet vehicles. For its part, the cancellation 0 promotion It enables the full refund of the amount of rent in case of cancellation of the reservation until a maximum of 24 hours prior to collection of the vehicle. Unlimited mileage promotion enables customer to rent a car with unlimited kilometres per contract, so during the month of September, thanks to this promotion, customers who rent in the own of bases do not have no limitation in terms of kilometres travelled. Finally, the price of the rental of vehicles from the Group F (intermediate tourism) happens to be the same as the price of the rental of vehicles from the Group (Turismo Compact), thanks to the special price of intermediate tourism promotion. All bids above shall remain in force until 30 September 2010 and are applicable in any vehicles for reservations at the own of bases. On the other hand, those who rent at any of the branches in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia shall also be eligible to bid a Minicar car rental from 14 euros a day, for bookings made for a period of seven or more days. More information: Pepecar.