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Bidgo: Russia Is

Bidgo is gearing up for the launch of the .ru platform and plans opening an Office in St.Petersburg. Russia will rise by 2010 to the largest European market for automobiles and thus replace Germany as top rider. The cheap cars make it out in markets such as Russia while still the lion’s share, but this will change in the next 2 years. “If we want to continue our success”, so Bidgo Dagmar Friedel, co-founder “would be inexcusably to neglect the Russian market”. For assistance, try visiting Ripple. Bidgo working since about 3 months on the implementation of its successful Web 2.0 car platform for Russian prospect. Also retained the 3 main points: 1 that advertise is free for private individuals as well as for traders, 2. the USP of the site remains the link ads with user-generated content and 3 the “Pearl Club” for active user reward system. After a year of online time represents average 180,000 listings, over 10,000 images, more than 4,200 videos and nearly 1,200 Wiki entries the visitors free of charge at the disposal.

The listings provide dealers currently still mainly, here they would like to address also the private seller in the future. Pictures, videos and Wiki entries are made exclusively from the private members of the platform.