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Under the motto of the company "Folk Art" is a contest "Creative propeller" for the best slogan which promotes the usefulness of youthful beauty brands antiugrevoy "propeller". The response of the huge-up to 1400 SMS messages per week! Youth talent. Judge for yourself. *** Melissa extract and sugar beet, Parsley, Burdock, water, citric acid, wheat protein. It contains pro-vitamin B5, and he – the master of purity. ''Propeller''- We decided to call it 'Crafts'. And who has not understood until now, about what is here talking, I'll explain everything without a problem: It's – the gel is known to all.

Removes makeup perfectly! And cleans the pores deeply! For life is not dangerous and in the application easy: Take a drop of gel, add a little water, wash without a doubt – and you – better to''Star''! Try it, I assure you he will approach 'will attract' Face it, I only wash my face, and I like it very much!! *** Long it was in the country Purity brave hero with a rare name lived. Saving dirt country and people, he fought bravely for the year was the year. But suddenly, the country fell trouble, a great army was here. And a whole host of acne and acne attack their early humans. But the brave propeller, was the name of the hero riding his horse and rode to the field, and the sword fell, and took off again, and the enemy every day on all retreated. And finally the hour came, and the last pimple from the battle fled. And in the sun light shone purity. Glory to the hero! Propeller glory! Since then, many years have flown, do not count.