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Balance Professional And Personal Life

The balance between professional and personal life: In some sectors is a difficult question where the competition is fierce and requires flexibility and waiver by the teams. Especially in cultures such as Latin America, which is highly valued long hours of work. But this is not just the implementation of programs, but requires a new way of doing business. No “burn to his people” in many stressful work stations or sectors, produces the rotation due to this saturation of labor. It is assumed that increased productivity because employees can organize their working hours according to their family needs and pay 100% when they are satisfied and are more free from care outside the job. Kimberly Clark Peru “Kimberly is my second home.

I wake up thrilled to come to work. I worked in two companies but I never had felt myself. See Southwest Airlines for more details and insights. Every day I learn something new, “Nadia Abuid. Analyst OD 3 .- Internal Communication This creates either a positive or negative towards the company as an employer. It is recommended that the following tips: 3.1 .- The people should have the opportunity to provide ideas and suggestions to their managers. 3.2 .- The financial information must be shared with partners 3.3 .- Everyone should know what is expected of them.