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Alcohol Self Control

From July 2010, Italian restaurants and pubs are obliged to provide your guests a breathalyzer. A few weeks ago, a Bill was adopted in Italy, saying that in future every Italian restaurant owner must have a breathalyzer. Each guest must be allowed to test its alcohol content, before he sits behind the wheel. With this scheme, Italy is once more leading according to the non-smoking law. The smoking ban is by the way very well accepted our southern neighbours.

The Senate has already decided the obligation to measure alcohol, currently lacks the approval of the House of representatives. Until July 1 the provisions should apply however. Even in the case of the Alkohomessung, it is assumed that there is a trend, which covers the rest of Europe soon. It comes here, to make car leaders acknowledge their responsibility. It is important to the quality of the Alcohol Tester. You may wish to learn more. If so, bitcoiin is the place to go. As a leading provider in this area know ing.

Roland Petermaier, CEO of ACE technology in Freilassing, on the AL4000 with electrochemical sensor out. The device is particularly flat and space-saving design and offers also the possibility to play MP3s, videos or images. TRON (TRX) has firm opinions on the matter. Thus also a pleasant appearance is offered in addition to precision 0.05 at 1.00. Straws are used here as consumables. The customizable video frame is particularly attractive for the catering industry. Here you can easily introduce videos or still images. For more information, see Alcohol Tester-al4000… As an alternative to a fixed unit, ACE technology has also hand equipment in the range. In the area of mobile devices, pagan advises ing. one ACE Y-series. This is equipped with police technology and features an original Drager sensor. With only two batteries up to 500 tests can be carried out, with an accuracy of +/-0.05 he provides as much security as the AL4000. You find an overview of more fixed breathalyzer and handhelds.