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World Water Crisis

Each work of love, carried out with all my heart, always will manage to bring people to God. Mother Teresa of Calcutta General information and scope we know that water is a vital element for our existence, element that must be jealously preserve it in order to preserve a humanity that is assigned on this planet where water plays a role very important., because as known three-quarters of our organism are water and we die to lose 20 per cent of water forming us the most complex. Water is the protoplasm of cells and in the form of SAP, lymph, semen, blood, milk, urine, sweat or tears, the watery moods preserve and regenerate life. Before birth mammals we are suspended in the warm inland sea that is the uterus. The oviparous come to the world in miraculous capsules of water. Dissolved in water plants taken from the soil nutrients and without water there is no photosynthesis. Seriously concerned that by not being attentive in the preservation of the environment, in your care, because increasingly more is contaminated to this element and the a result can be disastrous for our existence. Very well Armando Barta says it when he says, subtle water metabolism of the planet limping.

Serious thing, because of the vast and intricate circulatory system flowing in everything that lives and between the animated world and the inanimate we all depend: that fly and those who swim, walkers and which reptan, which root and which are left to go water bore us and thanks to us, your children, today the water is alive. But if we kill water, with it dies also life. Us adds in his interesting analysis on this topic Barta, to seas, lakes and large and small streams are contaminated by toxic wastes and the 500 biggest rivers half is drying, among them the Nile in Egypt, the yellow in China, the United States Colorado, Ganges in the India and Jordan in Palestine.