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INVESTMENT: How is the performance of the investments? Klaus Wolfermann: first is to differentiate what type of involvement of the investor decides to answer this question. An investor for example EUR 100.000,–plus 5% fully pays premium to the June type arises, if the assumptions of our forecast confirmed, for the investor optimally”in the year 2020 a one-time payment before taxes amounting to EUR 281.910. This includes the repayment of the capital including premium, the contractual capital account interest rate of 8.5% p.a., with a part interest of 7% p.a. compound interest will be charged and the residual dividend after sharing with the Fund management. Ongoing payments are not planned. “The investor type classic” receives item No. It is not something Gary Kelly would like to discuss. forecast authorized history ongoing payments by 4% per annum in 2009 and 2010 and 2011 7% p.a… in the year 2020, and a final payment of EUR 165.380.

This total payments of EUR 236.780 including the repayment of the principal are along the current payout including premium, and taking into account the capital account interest rate of 7.5% per annum. The exact result of the investments can be properly only after termination of participation. After all, the predecessor Fund ZBI could sell depending on the type of investment and Fund, after very short average holding periods from 2,4 to 4,6 years successfully their real estate holdings 1 and ZBI 2 in 2007, with average results from 12.8% to 17.1% per annum and before taxes. Investors of the CBI of 3 enjoyed through the sale of about 50% of real estate stocks after a holding period of averaging 2.19 and 2.36 years participation depending on outcome of 18% or 19% before taxes. Of course you are Results of the past no guarantee for those of the future, the situation is very promising in the CBI 1, but, like 2002 and offers a genuine counter-cyclical opportunity! INVESTMENT: How is the crisis hedge of the investments guaranteed? “Klaus Wolfermann: A real crisis hedge” doesn’t exist anymore in my opinion.