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After many negotiations, it is now definitely discover cycling in Warsaw and the city alone. Warsaw should become even more attractive for visitors from all over the world. A stay in each city should always be an experience and be enjoyed carefree. So of course, in Warsaw. Exploring with tram, subway and taxi is simple, but to discover the real beauty is hardly possible at this busy exploring. It’s much nicer but there just once through Warsaw with the wheel to cycle and also the small sights and central points, without exploring the hustle and bustle. Especially in summer, this is an attraction. So far however, hardly local rental providers for bicycles were present, so that visitors from all over the world always encountered problems.

That should change now with the 1st of August. “Fit with the rays of the Sun the new local distribution system should now Veturilo” should be introduced. Very tasty for tourists. After a long and good breakfast in the apartments in Warsaw we go rental already to the bike. The individual stations are distributed to find about all of Warsaw. So visitors will find always an easily accessible station close to their apartments in Warsaw.

But also in the suburbs new rental stations will be introduced. As a nationwide system exists. There will be difficulties hardly there. Everything is electronically, easily and without large expenditure of time. Once the visitor has left his accommodation in Warsaw, is now a 6-digit code. You get this code directly from the Internet site. To obtain the code, it is sufficient to pay a small initial total of 2.50 euros. The system also can be used after a short confirmation email. In addition, the bike now also with a city map can be borrowed, ensured that the way to the apartment in Warsaw will be found again. Select the electronic input devices at the rental station, you have only the option of borrowing”. All machines are multilingual, so also in German. Will be returned as easily. The bicycle must be made at the respective station just only back in the stand. Confirm return briefly in the machines”and you’re done. After the exciting trip can you be then go back to his accommodation in Warsaw or the day easy wine enjoy with a nice glass. Always a small bar that invites to relax can be found in the vicinity of the apartments in Warsaw. The costs are clear. So the first 20 minutes are generally free of charge, then billed after hours. The first hour costs one Zloty, the second 3 Zloty, etc. About always easy, a zloty can be divided by 4 to calculate the euro rate. The exploration is highly pleasant through the old town (stare Miasto) on the wheel, here are also the most apartments in Warsaw, which are an ideal alternative to the hotels in Warsaw.