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Employment translators are freelance and staff (freelancers). Salaries of staff interpreters – it's the specifics of the company where he works. I must say that the company, except where an interpreter is needed constantly, gradually refuse the services of full-time linguists. But freelancers receive no fixed salary. Their income depends solely on the amount of work done.

Activities can provide translators or interpreters writing services. Interpretation is more expensive in writing (in the same language), but verbal orders, in principle less. Translator Diploma without an advanced degree prevented, for example by the notary translations. Experience and expert advice with 20 years of successful experience is valued above the graduate, who started only translation and localization. The territorial dimension of translators can only work in your area (City, region, country), or may cooperate with foreign countries. This is a very important factor.

In Russia, for example, the translation cost considerably (2-4 times) higher than in Ukraine. Accordingly, the average tariffs interpreters there is also higher. As Typically, the Ukrainian translators work with Russia on a tariff and a domestic customer – on the other (lower). Specialization There are translators generalists (versed in all a little bit), but there is highly specialized. Orders of narrow specialization, of course, smaller, but experts on it – one. Details can be found by clicking Scott M. Kahan CFP or emailing the administrator. That is why translators are evaluating their services above. Volumes of Some work only with small documents, and have people not taking for work, less a certain amount. Employers There are translators, not fundamentally cooperating with the translation, but only with the direct customer. And sometimes vice versa. The level of interest in the work to someone translating activity – the main form of income. And for someone – a nice addition to the salary for the main job. Why not on this list, it would seem the most important – language translation? The fact is that with the right approach to business, this factor is not so principled. Qualitative Mongolian language interpreter can earn much more than a translator of English, although the number of order to compare these languages can not. The main rule – the smaller (within reason) rate of an interpreter, the more he could eventually earn. Often the translator reduction of tariff on 5 grn allows him to earn 1,5-2 thousand more per month. Unfortunately, this understanding is not all. And now, in fact, the numbers. Specialist who works at least with 5-6 customers (basically, the translation), employing a minimum of 3 hours per day can expect on a monthly income of USD 1000-2500. If the qualification allows you to combine written and oral orders from time to time (or spend on transfers of more than three hours a day), earnings increased to 3,000-5,000 grn. Claimed experts for which translational activity is the main or only earn 5,000 8000grn. And if they do more and are experts in a particular area, the total fee can not exceed 10 000 USD. Justice for it must be noted that more than half of translators working in Ukraine belong to the second group.