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Timber Windows

Thanks to our good old friends – wooden boxes, our apartments are protected not only from outside intrusion of dust and dirt, but from the street noise and din. Wooden windows have undoubted advantages such as: protection against the penetration of street noises, saving heat in the room, since wood is different porous structure, the windows retain their original shape, regardless of the temperature change, and they are reliable in use; windows are made from environmentally friendly materials give the room a residential and an attractive appearance. Over the centuries, the material for the manufacture of frames serve as a tree. Plastic windows are in demand with mid-20th century, resulting in cramped and wooden counterparts. At one time, the novelty was extremely popular, thanks in no small measure contributed to a total advertising and low price. However, the time put everything in its places: the new windows are now set mostly in non-residential premises – in offices, manufacturing and residential preference for wood – environmentally friendly, natural, warm, 'breathe'. Plastic windows impede access by air, and it is because of this feature at home with the windows need to equip the system of ventilation, the cost is high. Technological processes are being upgraded.

This upgrade has meant that the windows are made of wood, got a few more features to ensure their better quality. They have become more reliably protect the premises from the effects of extraneous sounds, effects temperatures. Their term of service has increased significantly. They have acquired a special trust from buyers. Also, the presence of these windows indicates high social status of the person who installed them. Plastic window from a tree in the main used in a respectable suburban buildings, in elite houses in the modern business districts. It is worth mentioning that the tree is able to create a cozy, if we compare the room with plastic windows to the premises in which establishes the wood, you can see at once that in the latter case, the room looks much more comfortable.