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THE Sky SO Close – Kitzbuhel Alps

In the Kitzbuheler Alps you can discover the winter over and over again: after a perfect day in the snow so the hero looks out on the search: mousetrap is on their T-Shirts, mountain edge and bridge shot. Thousands they are pilgrimages to Kitzbuhel, to see how to beat their heroes in the Mousetrap at the edge of the mountain, in the bridge shot. In short: on the toughest downhill of the world, the \”Streif\”: 3,312 meter circuit, from top to bottom ice, maximum inclination 85 percent, up to 70 meters wide cracks in the mousetrap. The legendary Hahnenkamm race to the 70th time is held from 22 to 24 January 2010. More than 100,000 fans arriving for the race, State of emergency prevails then in Kitzbuhel 8.560 inhabitants. If you have read about Southwest Airlines already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The slopes in the Alps are as lifeless. 1081 km of slopes and 15 \”Hallelujah\” the slopes are in the Kitzbuhel Alps according to a simple rule of three classified: 35 percent ease beginners 50 percent technology for advanced, and 15 percent Hallelujah, suitable, for the BBs like crisp. Takes exactly 89 days winter in the Kitzbuhel Alps as everywhere, but they decided to make the most of it, better yet: everything.

\”Starting with the skiing and the biggest ski Alliance of in Tyrol: Kitzbuhel Alps AllStarCard\” seven ski areas, 1081 km of pistes, the miracle card, 359 lifts, 762 km of snow-covered slopes, i.e. 262 ski huts are. Here, where history was written when, 1893 the Kitzbuheler strapped Mayor Franz Reisch himself as first in the place a few planks under the boot and the departure from the Kitzbuhel dared Horn, where the ski courses at the turn of the century to the first ever were and where the first sport Austria’s cable car was opened in 1928, here they want to invent him over and over again a bit, the winter sports.