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Afterwards, he places his project team together, so those executives and staff, whose expertise is necessary in order to implement the quality management system quickly and cost-effectively. Finally, he prepares a project plan: analyze situation: how was the quality backed up so far? How do customers rate the quality? Here help a customer survey, which is essential to the quality standards not to the customers over”to develop. Development of the M2 concept: how should the quality in the future be secured? What are the quality objectives of the company, what does this mean for the work processes? It follows the implementation of the concept of result review. When you create the project plan, the quality Advisor takes into account the financial framework, the time frame and the human resources. Above all he must keep in mind that the project team meetings with all its consequential tasks in addition must be dealt with to the day to day work. The project success is only possible if it is possible to make the necessary resources available. That’s why a precise timetable is important. An activity list determines what project to do which task to when employees helps in the smooth working of the project.

Open information policy creates acceptance projects be successful by successful people. The quality consultant welds using his social and communicative skills a functioning”project team together, by he: acceptance for the project work manufactures, ensures objective clarity and detects conflicts and resistances in the project team and turns off. The team tackled the burdens better, dedicated it goes to work. Project work is then constructively, related objectives by any party be understood, thought through, and accepted and the team of the necessity and value of the QM is convinced. And then it is possible to the QM-system with life fill and anchor the quality orientation in the company at the mental level. Lived QM leads to beloved QM.