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The Public

One of the most immediate consequences lode of community, that each antenada time more, demands access to the information, destination of the public resources and its results, and conditional to this it will also demand new technologies, not straightforward applicatory (softwares) or machines (hardwares), but processes and services, and this stops for the perfectioning of the executors of the tasks that go to be ' ' dispensadas' ' as the offered products. The fiscalization extremely is fortified, through the Courts of Accounts, the Public prosecution service, and logical for the Community. It now fits to diagnosis and to implement institucional actions of TIC? Technology, Innovation and Science? capable to take care of the legal requirements, fiscalization of the public resources, modernization and automation of the administration, and to generate resulted positive that can be applied in the improvement of the services, what it culminates in the attendance of the necessities of the community. To create, to dare, to consider improvements and to innovate are the ways for that they want to move course of a moment or a history, so that the public administration can be seen with ' ' good olhos' '. Never the contributors, the society or the citizen so intent, involved and had been syntonized with the public thing, mainly the destination of the resources, the compliments of the projects the accomplishment or the reached conclusion of workmanships and results. Defined the ways for a modernization project, in the current conjuncture, with legal requirements, volume, demand and time for the execution, we must make use of the Technology of the Information, tool this, essential essential and adjusted for the efficient, efficient and effective exercise of the administration, and not only this, capable to add value to the process through the public administration to put resulted. We must stand out that miraculous solution in the area of technology of the information does not exist, that is, so that if he can get good result, exists the necessity to conciliate action? processes, practical, technology the papers, that is, must walk together, an action complement to another one, bring integrated and corporative solutions.