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The Landlord

A course can be avoided to court when landlord and tenant openly about planned measures, wants and desires of both parties speak and quandary hold the result of the meeting. (d) the increase in rent as until now the landlord the cost of modernization with 11% annually on the tenant offload, proportionately at several apartments and uniform rehabilitation. An exception applies to energy modernisation, which serve only the saving non-renewable primary energy sources (oil, gas, coal) or the climate protection (installation of filters, etc.), they bring no discernible advantage the tenant because they save no energy. Actually no cost savings must comply with energy-saving, energy-saving measures can lead to higher costs as a result of the Setup and ongoing maintenance costs. However, the landlord not at the expense of the tenant may a disproportionate Carry out modernisation, the costs of which are enormous, whose Vorteil is totally insignificant (E.g. triple – instead of previous (intact) double glazing). Originally was a reduction of the rate of increase by 11% in the legislative procedure 9% planned, also a time limit on the increase in rent was discussed, this approach but not further pursued. Just tenants, which in the long term to stay comfortable in her apartment, should here early negotiations with the landlord, may also return a loan offer, under a modernization rent increase waiver”is.

No modernisation costs are those costs which proportionately accounted for a maintenance, about anyway necessary replacement of old tubes or new plastering a crumbling House wall in the course of thermal insulation, replacement of old simple window in rotten wood frame double-glazed plastic Windows etc. in addition to the financing expenses, so interest rates for loans. Would the landlord so in the course of maintaining that facade were only plastered These costs including the scaffolding costs incurred for the duration of the repair on the tenant not to kill.