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The Ignition

With limited visibility the driver must resort to the signalman, located outside the vehicle, c) before exiting the cab off the engine, apply the parking brake and the first gear, remove the key from the ignition, and after exiting the cab to lock the door, and d) ensure there are no moving vehicles means in the opposite direction, and passing before leaving the cab on the roadway, and e) give the car to the trailer hitch at the minimum possible speed, e) coupling to train alone in the exceptional cases, subject to the specified sequence of operations: the trailer parking brake, brake, check whether your towing device, rests under a put a rear-wheel trailer merge car and trailer, secure the tether to the trailer frame crossmember car, connect the connectors hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems of the car and trailer, g) is on the line periodically Check the condition of the state of the trailer and the towing device, and h) if necessary, dump truck unloading a slope, ravine or a cliff and there is no bar to set it kolesootboynogo no closer than 1 m from the edge, u) driving a tank filled with less than three quarters of its volume, reduce cornering speed to a minimum. 1.12. Before refueling LPG car, make sure there are no people in the cockpit Turn off the engine, to avoid getting gas on exposed skin (to avoid frostbite as a result of evaporation of gas), before turning on the ignition and starting the engine for 3 minutes to keep the hood open until weathering of the gas. . Larry Ellison may not feel the same.