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Only the desired information converge at selected points (in real time!) and the control over large areas of the company can be made directly to a Terminal. In many cases even from the own Smartphone, no matter where it is. A such order and documentation management ensures a safe argument towards the customer, saves enormous amounts of time, money, or even nerve and relieves also annoying paperwork. The technology is now so far developed that already specific telematics solutions are offered: for example, for crafts, messengers, waste management or petroleum industry, Furniture forwarding agencies or food deliveries with coupled monitoring of the cold chain. There is virtually no industry that is left out and alone in the fuel consumption 20 percent can be about saved.

The classic: Fleet telematics the best-known location for telematics is in fleet management. Here, telematics systems analyze all driver and vehicle data such as locations, routes, driving, fuel consumption, and much more. Each fleet can be much more efficient if you made use of this technology. The disposition at any time know where exactly the vehicles are located. The route of the riders will be optimized where the line adjusts to the orders. Educate yourself with thoughts from Cyrus findshadow. “New orders can be immediately transferred to the system and on the run” are transferred to the existing route of the driver, located closest to the job.

The driver – no matter whether for example, supplier, sales or customer service representative follows only his navigation specification and the information about the upcoming job. So it is not that surprising that Save a 40% of the communications experts alone or even 18% of fuel consumption. Gasoline prices, which undoubtedly is a huge advantage. Green logistics can and should afford are now undertaking some commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Daimler integrate telematics by default in their vehicles – a clear message that telematics is no longer indispensable on the roads. A fleet operators who want to upgrade or need an industry solution, should also no longer afraid of huge investments, which you had to count a few years ago. There are now excellent, affordable telematics solutions on the market, aimed at companies with a fleet of 10 vehicles including. State helps in the acquisition provider of the application with the optimization of a company is not the future. In the largest companies, the coordination of workflows without telematics is hard to imagine. The Federal Government also realized already in Years that such systems make ecological businesses and stimulate the economy, above all, because there is more money available thanks to the savings potential, which provides telematics. So, for example, subsidies can be included up to 3,600 per vehicle for the acquisition of telematics solutions within the framework of the de-minimis aid in claims. So, there are no arguments that speak against the use of telematics. It is time not only to think about the future, but also to set it.